Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Introduction to COP

Winter...cold...darkness... all things that I hate so I decided to create something to lighten and to warm this awful season up and I've built this blog containing very hot stuff, that is... FEMALE MUSCLES!!!! Yes, I love watching muscles bulging, felxing, pumping, exploding on female bodies, ... sensuality, power and grace all at the same time.
If you are like me, if you are spellbound every time you see a muscular lady, I hope you'll find interesting things on my blog and have a good time surfing this site...


The name of this blog in quite self explaining.. in fact we are talking about female bodybuilders, these girls and women that have transformed their bodies through tough workouts and severe discipline to become... goddesses.

I think these ladies are absolutely divine and this site is a small tribute to them, to their endeavours, to their beauty and to their sacrifices.

For this reason, even if I will probably never have the chance to know personally some of those celestial beings, I say to them : THANK YOU FOR EXISTING!!!

Morphing their pictures is a way to better know their physiques and to add something mine to the outstanding beauty of their muscles.


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