Sunday, 24 January 2010

Trilogy of Julie...MUSCLES, MUSCLES, MUSCLES!!!

I'm back with this enhancement, or rather, this morph (I think "enhancement" is a misleading word, because there is very little to enhance, in the true meaning of the term, in FBBs ;-))) of Julie Bourassa, a morph she personally asked me to carry out...HOW COULD I REFUSE A MUSCLE GODDESS' REQUEST?!?!? I enjoyed very much working on some particulars, like her shorts, that I squeezed between her thighs, and her bra that, among the shadows, transparently lets see some detail of her breast and, as you can see, begins ripping, tore apart by the muscles of her chest and of her back :-)))) . This morph ends the trilogy of Julie, but just for the moment...Anyway, I'm sure Julie will become so big and muscular I won't have to morph her any more!!! :-))))


Thursday, 7 January 2010

"Julie, Julie, burning bright...

...what immortal hand or eye could frame thy beautiful, wonderful, fabulous simmetry?" I borrowed and rearranged some fragment from the poetry "The Tyger" by the English Romantic poet William Blake, I think it describes very well this picture of Julie Bourassa...Yes, another morph of Julie right after the previous one...I like her so much that she inspires me some verse of poetry :-)))). Look...she seems a tiger, doesn't she? Her posture, her eyes...HER MUSCLES!!! The thin necklace she wears almost indicates that nothing can curb her, she could rip it just pumping a little her traps!!!! I imagine she's saying: "What do you think you can do against me? Don't you see the muscle mountain my body is?".

Apart from the morph, the more I watch Julie on photos or videos, the more she seems forged by some supernatural being, as the tiger in the poetry, ... and I think she really is...her body is so beautifully shaped, her muscles so solid and massive and her vascularity so marvellously terrifying...Yeah, she's definitely born to be a pro bodybuilder, born to be a muscle goddess...JULIE, YOU'RE GREAT!!!

Visit her website at, learn more about Julie and enjoy her muscles!


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Rocky Mountains of Canada, that is... the fantastic muscles of JULIE BOURASSA!!!

The first time I saw a picture of this girl I've had a little faint...when I recovered from it I said: "OH, MY GOD!!! WHO IS THIS INCREDIBLE MUSCLE GODDESS?!?!?!?! I DON'T KNOW HER, WHY I DON'T KNOW HER?!?!?". Yes, I admit it, i didn't know her...The fact is that Julie Bourassa immediately bewitched me with her massive muscles...This blond canadian muscle bomb really has a crazy upper body...her shoulders, her back, her traps (I go crazy when I see big muscled traps on a girl...they are so sexyyyy! :-))), her chest, her abs, her killer arms..all padded with bulky, perfectly defined and ripped muscles, her veins popping everywhere on her rocky, wonderful body...WOWWWWWWWWWW!!!

I mailed my work to Julie asking her opinion, she was enthusiast about it and gave me the permission to post it...Besides bodybuilding, Julie does a very difficult and admirable job, in fact she's a teacher who works with students with learning disabilities and handicaps. So... a good, generous and muscularly beautiful lady! ;-)) She isn't still a PRO IFBB, but I wish her to become it very soon, and she surely will, with such a muscular body...and that will be just the beginning of a great, glorious career into the Olympus of Female Bodybuilding...though she already is a Muscle Goddess!!!! MERCI BEAUCOUP, JULIE, YOU DESERVE ALL THE BEST!!!

Visit her website at, learn more about Julie and enjoy her muscles!


A "little", boring task...nothing more, for CORY EVERSON!!!

"Eventually I've finished that work...shifting a 50-wagons freight train full of steel from one track to the other...all by hand...and all by myself...just because no crane could do that...stupid broken switch...but it wasn't tiring at all, just...boring, the most boring 15 minutes of my life!!! I can't waste my time with such foolish things...I'm so incredibly incredibly muscular..."

This is what I imagine my morphed Cory Everson is thinking in this pose, with her bulging muscles covered of sweat, while she is relaxing after having carried out and hard-to-conceive work for every man, but so trivial for a muscle goddess like her :-)) . Cory is a legend of FBB and in every picture she is sexy beyond every description, sexy beyond reason...her legs drive me crazy, so sinuous and muscular...and in every photo her skin Any time I see Cory I feel like every curve of her body, of her muscles, is leading me to paradise!!!
More morphs about this superbe muscle goddess are coming soon!


Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A Goddess...a Dream...MAVI GIOIA!!!

Opening my morph gallery is the Italian hot, breathtaking muscle goddess Mavi Gioia, in my opinion one of the best gifted in the world. I have no words to describe this angel, her sweet face, her deep eyes, her long black hairs...and her atomic body!!! Her muscles are solid, with a perfect all-around developement and perfect proportions and her glutes, thighs and calves are....aaarrrghh, I've run out of words, sorry!!! Morphing any of her pictures is sacrilegious, due to the perfection of every body part...but I've done.

I've mailed to Mavi these enhancements, she liked them and has given me the authorization to post them on this blog. GRAZIE MAVI!!!


Introduction to COP

Winter...cold...darkness... all things that I hate so I decided to create something to lighten and to warm this awful season up and I've built this blog containing very hot stuff, that is... FEMALE MUSCLES!!!! Yes, I love watching muscles bulging, felxing, pumping, exploding on female bodies, ... sensuality, power and grace all at the same time.
If you are like me, if you are spellbound every time you see a muscular lady, I hope you'll find interesting things on my blog and have a good time surfing this site...


The name of this blog in quite self explaining.. in fact we are talking about female bodybuilders, these girls and women that have transformed their bodies through tough workouts and severe discipline to become... goddesses.

I think these ladies are absolutely divine and this site is a small tribute to them, to their endeavours, to their beauty and to their sacrifices.

For this reason, even if I will probably never have the chance to know personally some of those celestial beings, I say to them : THANK YOU FOR EXISTING!!!

Morphing their pictures is a way to better know their physiques and to add something mine to the outstanding beauty of their muscles.