Sunday, 3 January 2010

A "little", boring task...nothing more, for CORY EVERSON!!!

"Eventually I've finished that work...shifting a 50-wagons freight train full of steel from one track to the other...all by hand...and all by myself...just because no crane could do that...stupid broken switch...but it wasn't tiring at all, just...boring, the most boring 15 minutes of my life!!! I can't waste my time with such foolish things...I'm so incredibly incredibly muscular..."

This is what I imagine my morphed Cory Everson is thinking in this pose, with her bulging muscles covered of sweat, while she is relaxing after having carried out and hard-to-conceive work for every man, but so trivial for a muscle goddess like her :-)) . Cory is a legend of FBB and in every picture she is sexy beyond every description, sexy beyond reason...her legs drive me crazy, so sinuous and muscular...and in every photo her skin Any time I see Cory I feel like every curve of her body, of her muscles, is leading me to paradise!!!
More morphs about this superbe muscle goddess are coming soon!


1 comment:

  1. very nice work. plz don't stop, seems the morph is starting to get good...