Sunday, 24 January 2010

Trilogy of Julie...MUSCLES, MUSCLES, MUSCLES!!!

I'm back with this enhancement, or rather, this morph (I think "enhancement" is a misleading word, because there is very little to enhance, in the true meaning of the term, in FBBs ;-))) of Julie Bourassa, a morph she personally asked me to carry out...HOW COULD I REFUSE A MUSCLE GODDESS' REQUEST?!?!? I enjoyed very much working on some particulars, like her shorts, that I squeezed between her thighs, and her bra that, among the shadows, transparently lets see some detail of her breast and, as you can see, begins ripping, tore apart by the muscles of her chest and of her back :-)))) . This morph ends the trilogy of Julie, but just for the moment...Anyway, I'm sure Julie will become so big and muscular I won't have to morph her any more!!! :-))))



  1. nice work, thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Love your stuff, hope you keep it up, you have some real talent!