Thursday, 7 January 2010

"Julie, Julie, burning bright...

...what immortal hand or eye could frame thy beautiful, wonderful, fabulous simmetry?" I borrowed and rearranged some fragment from the poetry "The Tyger" by the English Romantic poet William Blake, I think it describes very well this picture of Julie Bourassa...Yes, another morph of Julie right after the previous one...I like her so much that she inspires me some verse of poetry :-)))). Look...she seems a tiger, doesn't she? Her posture, her eyes...HER MUSCLES!!! The thin necklace she wears almost indicates that nothing can curb her, she could rip it just pumping a little her traps!!!! I imagine she's saying: "What do you think you can do against me? Don't you see the muscle mountain my body is?".

Apart from the morph, the more I watch Julie on photos or videos, the more she seems forged by some supernatural being, as the tiger in the poetry, ... and I think she really is...her body is so beautifully shaped, her muscles so solid and massive and her vascularity so marvellously terrifying...Yeah, she's definitely born to be a pro bodybuilder, born to be a muscle goddess...JULIE, YOU'RE GREAT!!!

Visit her website at, learn more about Julie and enjoy her muscles!


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  1. This is an amazing morph, you have great skills! Can't wait to see more.